Henderson NV Real Estate: Inspirada-7 Things to Know!

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Today I’m at Inspirada, one of the newest developments in southern Henderson, on the outskirts of the Las Vegas Valley. Here are 7 things to know about this unique community…

1. Inspirada is a master-planned, high-density development designed to be pedestrian-friendly.

2. It was originally planned as a 7 billion dollar, 13,000 home community spread out over 2,000 acres and split up into 7 distinct “villages.”

3. The recession led to big problems, including a bankruptcy in 2011. The building stopped and the community was in limbo for several years.

4. Last year development began again, with new homes and several large parks being built by 4 different developers.

5. The “new” Inspirada is a mix of smaller townhouses and larger family-style homes with nice backyards and driveways. There are even single-story homes being built with big backyards.

6. Neighborhoods in Inspirada are built around central parks that feature things like soccer fields, tennis courts, and playgrounds. It’s built to be very “walkable,” making it ideal for families, dog lovers, and people who like to get to know their neighbors.

7. Many new Inspirada homes are built on-demand and can be semi-customized with a variety of different features and amenities. It’s ideal for people who want to design an affordable “dream house” from the ground up!

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